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July 21st, 2013, 03:42 PM
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I've been tandem nursing for just over 2 years. For us it was definatly the right decision. Nursing is still very important to my older one. The first 6 months were tough on me physically, mostly as I didnt get very thirsty and never seemed to figure to drink enough (having and early summer baby doesnt help either). Sometimes I have felt touched out but my older was big enough when little sister was born to at least accept when I told her I needed a break.

I have two friends who tandem nurse and they have been pretty positive about it too. Neither of them found it as hard physically as I did in the first months, maybe that's just me.

I think the best perk is that you still have the magic solution that nursing a toddler is at your fingertips. It cures tantrums, owwies and minimizes sibling rivalry.

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