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July 21st, 2013, 04:37 PM
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OT: ashj, your kids are GORGEOUS!

My experience when talking about birth has been that people want to make me feel ridiculous for having had a natural childbirth with my youngest son and preferring that. But if you explain WHY you are glad you did it, they get defensive and think you are judging them. But you aren't. They are judging you, and you are just sharing why you made the choice (since they are expressing they don't "get it'). It doesn't mean you think their birth choice was wrong. But some how they makje the NCBing mama feel like SHE'S the judgmental one. Saying why *I* choose NCB is NOT saying people who choose otherwise are wrong. Yet the ppl who act like that's what you are saying are the ppl who outright tell you you are crazy for your choice... (I guess they are just projecting when they say YOU are the snob...)
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