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July 22nd, 2013, 12:04 AM
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Ladies who has a csection, how did you keep your incision clean and dry? How long did it take to fully heal?

I am curious, mine was closed with glue and dissolving stitches. The glue is flaking off, like its supposed to but now I have some parts of skin next to the incision that look red. It is not hot or infected looking/smelling but its red, possibly just skin irritation? It has a belly button like smell too, I asked my Dr and he said that its nothing to be worried about unless it seems infected, anyone else have this? I have a big flap of fat/skin that folds over the incision, its still very swollen so DH has to help me clean/keep it dry. I think that flap is trapping a little moisture, I folded a maxi pad and have it tucked in there in hopes it says dry, any other ideas?
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