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July 22nd, 2013, 10:37 AM
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March 31
Tucker 2lbs 6oz Alison (safarilime)

May 7th
Jocelyn 5lbs 14oz 18 inches-Rebecca (8miraclez)

May 12th
Zayne 5lbs 6.7oz and 17 inches- Sara (Avalicious)

May 15th
Rylee 6lbs 13 oz 19 inches (MomtoKy)

May 18th
Felicity Marie Immaculata 5lbs 12oz Becca (beccamenk)

May 22nd
Arthur Phineas 9lbs 4oz 20.5 inches Stephanie (beatlechicksteph)

May 24th
John Anthony 5lbs 15oz 19 inches Jennifer (jhmomofmany)

May 27
Ariana Jade 6lbs 9oz 19 inches Genesis (Gen88)
Lillian Lynn 7lbs 8oz (disruptivebubbles)
Harper Nicole 9lbs 12oz Traci (~Traci~)

May 28th
Grayson Robert 6lbs 13oz 21 inches Valerie (MrsLat)

May 29th
Morgan Ruth 7lbs 5oz 20.5 inches Teresa (TeresaV)

May 30th
Payson Joy 7lbs 7oz 19 inches Lyndsey (navywifey2003)
Jackson McKinley 9lbs 4.5oz 22 inches (phantomsgrl11)
Axel Layne 7lbs 15oz 19 3/4 inches Marissa (rissa6213)
Amelia Renae 6lbs 9oz 18.5 inches Shilo (~*kudzo*~)
Gracelyn Geniva Mae 6lbs 4oz 19 inches Susan (morgankaedenmadisonsmommy)

May 31st
Aidan Phillip 8lbs 1oz 21 inches Jess (NoPennyRoyalTea)
Brooke Erin 7lbs 10oz Karenna (Karenna)
Anna Sophia 7lbs 7oz 20 inches Elise (eshute)

June 3rd
McKinley Ann 7lbs 9oz 21 inches Ashley (ashleykathleen)
Rowan William 6lbs 4oz 20 inches Bonnie (MerinSun)

June 5th
Jackson Arlan 4lbs 3oz 18 inches Bobbie Jo (Bobbiejo1982)
Conrad Kevin 7lbs 7oz 19.5 inches Karen (karen78)
Nolan Lee 6lbs 8oz and Corbin Patrick 6lbs 13oz Katie (loveneverfails)

June 6th
Coralynn Rose 5lbs 6oz 19 inches and Cameron David 6lbs 12oz 20 inches Melissa (crawmommy)

June 7th
Tristan Rhys 6lbs 14.7oz 21 inches Lauren (laurennicole)
Evan James Carl 10lbs 5oz 20 3/4 inches Nicole (rcjh12)
Madeline Mckinley 9lbs 12 oz Christy (overlinmommy17)
Tegan Rae 9lbs 5oz 21 inches long (kit.kat.81)

June 8th
Ellianna 7lbs 2oz 19 inches Kim (kim3)

June 10th
Alan John III (Trey) 8lbs 6oz 21 inches Teresa (TeresaMomto2boys)
Leif Thomas 9lbs 22.5 inches Steph (steph625)

June 11th
Paiton Andrew 7lbs 6oz 20 inches (D&K's_mama)
Bodhi 6lbs 9oz 20 inches Kat (zkat)
Finnegan Michael 9lbs 11oz 21.25 inches Joanne (Joanne Nicole)

June 12th
Emerson 7lbs 4oz 19 3/4 inches Hilary (hilachu)
Emma Jayne 6lbs 10oz 20 1/2 inches Amanda (MommaMandaPanda89)

June 13th
Charlotte Elise 6lbs 11oz 18.5 inches (wildchihuahua)

June 14th
Camden Vaughn 9lbs 20 inches Dawn (dmreed)

June 15th
Lena Pearl 8lbs 7oz 19.75 inches Karen (MarylanMama)
Sloan Elizabeth 7lbs 10oz 21 inches (Lady KW)
Samuel Gregory 8lbs 4oz 20 inches Kyla (Kyla0709)

June 17th
Henry Kenneth 6lbs 11oz 19.5 inches Courtney (queencrafty)
Lilah Marie 8lbs 3oz 20 inches Tania (sunnydaze)

June 19th
Aubrey Madison Kristin (princess136)

June 20th
Eli Timothy 6lbs 14.8oz 20.5 inches Amy (hopeful2Bmommy)
Leona Cecilia 9lbs 7oz 19.5 inches Hilary (cheerfulsunrise)

June 21st
Hailey Siobhan 8lbs 6oz 21 inches Kelly (kellydiane521)
Henry Wilder 8lbs 14oz 19 inches Danielle (edgeofelise)

June 25th
Emmaline Iris 8lbs 1oz 20 inches Rochelle (4hearts)

June 26th
Tristan Kai 7lbs 2oz Karry (mamaskunk)
Logan 9lbs 2oz Pamela (pamela.burke611)
Peyton Elizabeth 8lbs 11.7oz 20 3/4 inches Brianne (bribugg13)
Porter James 7lbs 11oz 21 inches Melissa (missybee)
Jarek Matthew 6lbs 7oz 19 3/4 Sami (sassysami)
Giana Marie Aurelia 9lbs 7oz 20 3/4 inches Jeanette (purplestar)

June 28th
Zackary Michael 8lbs 15oz 21 inches Angie (Madison.Hailey.Zack)

July 1st
Baby G 9lbs 15.5oz 21 inches Sara (Shen7)

July 2nd
Avari Jacklyn 10lbs 2oz 22 inches Jade (JadeS)

July 6th
Eva Louise 7lbs 20 inches (mommy220)

July 8th
Ava Grace 7lbs 6oz Emma (PregnantAtLast)

To be added to our birthday list please send me a PM and I will get you added to the list! Thanks so much

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