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July 22nd, 2013, 11:10 AM
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I just joined today after my second miscarriage was confirmed this morning.

I am not even sure what I am here for, other than I am so incredibly angry and sad and just feel like no one understands. Everyone tries to be supportive and I appreciate it, but I don't even feel like my normal happy self anymore.

I have two sons (3 and 5) that I had normal pregnancies with. When we got pregnant the third time last January (w/out trying) we were pleasantly surprised, as we'd been talking about having a 3rd soon. However, at 5 1/2 weeks I started spotting. The nurse/dr thought nothing of it but did HCG level testing to be sure, and it showed I was having a miscarriage. It was a natural miscarriage and I was told to wait two cycles before trying again, which I did. Then two months later (4 months after miscarriage) I got pregnant (two weeks ago). Had spotting and then bleeding last week (again at 5 1/2 weeks). Levels tested the past few days and showed I'm already back to normal levels, so it was an early miscarriage. I guess the only silver lining is that I don't have to go sit in the dr office for an ultrasound. That was torture last time.

I am going to see my dr in 4 weeks for a checkup/clearance. The last time I did that as well after my 1st miscarriage and everything looked great. I asked the nurse if they would do any testing since this was the 2nd in a row. She said the dr would be able to talk to me more about it, but that unfortunately "these things happen like this sometimes". She made it seem as though it's somewhat common.

How can this be happening after I had two normal pregnancies? I don't know if I should insist on testing. Part of me is made because I felt like I did what I was told - I waited to try & it took a couple of months and it STILL happened. Does anyone else have successful stories about having 2 miscarriages in a row and then a successful pregnancy? Did anyone get testing done after 2 in a row? Did anyone get pregnant in the first month or two after a miscarriage and have a successful pregnancy? The nurse told me not to get pregnant for two months - at this point I just don't know what I should believe anymore.

I guess I'm just looking for stories of hope, comfort, and maybe just to know that I'm not alone in how I feel - like I'm mad at the world.
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