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July 22nd, 2013, 12:10 PM
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So when I was pg with #8, this guy who works at the grocery got his girl friend pregnant. She was about 30ish, he was (wait for it)...... 63!!! He was freaked all the way out, but excited, but dooshy(he would ask me how long she would have to be off work etc). I ran into them at the hospital when she delivered and he was proud as can be. I saw him last week at the grocery. Kid is cute, he is in love with him, doting, proud, telling me all his accomplishments. But then....

Thursday or Friday I went to the McDonald's. I saw the dad, but no kid (he is almost 3now) so I asked him where is the baby? He said in the car. In the car?!!? Tis is Florida, it is 100* here all the time! I said thatis not ok! H said, oh it's fine, the air is on. So he leaves his sleeping kid in the running car? At a McDonald's? He didn't go though the drive thru, he didn't order to go, he was sitting there eating, reading his paper! I told him I still didn't approve. He started to make "myob" face/remarks but then got up and left. I didn't know which car was his, but then saw him get in and sure enough the kid was asleep in the car seat.

When I was at the grocery today, I asked one lady if she thought he was ok in the head. She said she thought so, it my story concerned her. He doesn't work there anymore. I think he retired when then baby was born, so I haven't seen him since then.

What would you do?
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