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July 22nd, 2013, 12:58 PM
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Check out Christy's post - titled Guilty. I linked to some of my favorite vegan blogs. (Vegan - is dairy/meat/egg free and safe to eat. Vegetarian - means no animal muscle, but can contain dairy or eggs.)

The allergen laws require that if a product contains any form of milk (Milk, Whey, butter, cream, cheese etc) it must either be listed in the ingredients or have a warning: Product contains milk.

We use coconut milk - So Delicious brand is our favorite, though some people may prefer almond milk. So Delicious also makes yogurts and ice cream. The textures are a little different, but they taste good. The fake cheeses are gross and are nothing like cheese. I prefer to make a creamy cashew sauce that has a "cheesy" type taste to it.

Again, feel free to message me if you have more questions.
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