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July 22nd, 2013, 04:03 PM
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Well yesterday was 12DPO and my temp spiked so I ran out and got a couple tests but since a two pack of FRER's were over $30 I went with a two pack of clear blue's. one regular and one digi. I took the regular with a loooooooong SMU hold and it was a BFN.

Today's temp plunged (and was under optimal temping conditions too) to right above cover line. So I didn't test. Still no AF and still lots of random symptoms but I got crazy irritable last night (usual for pre AF) and I'm just wiring for her to show. If still nothing by tomorrow I'm sure my doc will test both urine and blood but I think she'll be here within a day or two.

On the bright side, we get to keep trying which is fun lol AND most importantly last cycle and this cycle are showing a pattern. This was actually the best cycle I've had all year and the longest LP at 13days and counting. Also very defined temp shift and amazingly steady temps too! Which for me is great! I don't sleep well and therefore don't manage to temp at the same time

I guess it's not over until AF shows or I get a negative blood test but I'm pretty much counting us out this cycle
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