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July 22nd, 2013, 06:48 PM
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IRL first name: Virginia

Age if you want to share: 22

Family you live with including ages of kids: DH (24), and My DS Aden (11months Tomorrow)

Furbabies: 2 all black cats Alejandro and Roberto

Where in the world you are: right now Ohio US staying with my MIL while my hubby is at Navy boot camp

Best & worst things about where you live: Its not my house

Your status(1) - SAHM, WAHM, or WOHM: SAHM

Your status(2) - WTTC, NTNP, TTC, PG, DONE or NONE (please explain): TTC XD Well once hubby gets back from boot camp

Your religion/faith/path if happy to share: I believe in GOD but do not practice religion

Your job or role: MAMAMAMAMAMAMA

Your main hobbies: Crochet

Your talents: Crochet

AP, TP or a little of both: I think more AP

Still BFing or now FFing/solids or a mix: Breastfeeding on demand and table foods

Your current goals/dreams/priorities in life: Finish college and either become a doula, lactation consultant, or a practicing CPST.

Do you drive or no: Yup

Do you have school age kids or no: Nope

Do you have teens or no: Nope (THANK GOD LOL)

Are you a blended family or no: Well not my immediate family but both me and my husband have younger brothers that are blended and very close in age to my sons My little brother is 4 months older than Aden and his little brother is 3 months younger than Aden.

Are you married or no and if no do you want to in future: Yup been married since Feb but have been together for 7 years

Other boards you visit on JM: TTC, AUG 2012 pr, and ttc after loss.

Member of JM since: not sure probably jan 12

Are you mostly a lurker, visitor or regular poster: Used to be a regular poster but recently more of a lurker.

Are you on FB or not: Yup

Favourite colour: blue

Favourite food: Sinigang soup (philipiano soup nom nom nom)

Favourite drink: Unsweetened Iced tea

Favourite animal: baby animals XD

Favourite holiday destination: Okinawa Japan

Favourite book:...Oh good question... prolly harry potter

Favourite movie: Disney

Favourite song: Sex is on fire by the kings of leon

Favourite flower: I hate flowers

Favourite thing about being a mom: Having my son

Plans for the summer (or winter if you're Down Under): staying cool

Hopes & fears for the new merged PR: No drama our pr never had drama support and more conversations

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