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July 22nd, 2013, 08:32 PM
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So today while DD was napping me and DS were upstairs in his room and I was folding his clothes and putting them away and he was next to me on a blanket having some tummy time and playing with his rattles when all of a sudden he rolled over onto his back and I turned to him rather startled that he had flipped over and he looked right at me and within about 30 seconds he rolled right back onto his stomach! He already attempts to belly crawl and can scoot a few inches forward at a time usually before he gets tired. Anyway so when DH got home from work I got busy making dinner and forgot to tell DH right away about Tristan rolling over and little guy filled his diaper so DH went to go change him and I hear from the bedroom...Holy crap honey come quick Tristan rolled over! Lol so I go back to the bedroom and there he is on the changing table on his tummy attempting to scoot along lol DH had bent down to grab a diaper and wham over he had went apparently. Sheesh not even a month old and I can tell already this boy is gonna keep me on my toes. Should have known as he kicked insanely hard while I was pregnant with him.

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