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July 23rd, 2013, 05:02 AM
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I am now 10 days late and no period still. I guess I will just keep updated incase anyone has similar events. I know no one responds because no one probably had this issue. In the past I've wasted money on test and I don't want to just yet which is why I haven't tested. I've checked my cervix now and it seems to be quite higher and softer than when I start my period which tells me I won't start just yet and I normally have sore breast, bloating, cravings and breakout before period but nothing yet. It's a bit frustrating.
Could I be pregnant and not have symptoms yet. When I was pregnant years ago I had morning sickness bad and larger breast but this happened at about 8weeks.

Later in the evening: I gave on and bought a $10 clear blue test (non digital) when I went to buy donuts. I ate two donuts and drank quite a bit of water and waited around for 10 min. I was going to wait to test since I didn't need to go pee bad but I made myself go anyway and the test was negative. I would probably just assume I'm not but ill keep y'all updated.

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