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July 23rd, 2013, 06:42 AM
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Stopping in from the 2013 Feb Playroom. I had a VBAC with #2. Honestly, it was easy since my doctors were on my side. I was in a practice with multiple doctors but the 2 I saw the most were so encouraging. I did have to go on BP meds (the midwife asked me to since I was pre eclamptic to "buy me more time" so none of the other doctors would try to push me into another csection). Of course my body likes to go into labor early so I had that going for me. At 37 weeks my water broke and 3 hours later I had my baby in my arms. <3 No pain meds because they did not believe how far along I was until they checked me and I was dialated to an 8 (went from a 3 - an 8 in hour). I would say if you have a supportive doctor go for it!! You can do it!
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