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July 23rd, 2013, 09:59 AM
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The annoying thing with titles like "obese" is that they don't take into account your bone structure or muscle mass. My husband falls under the "obese" heading even though he is tall and has a big bone structure. He could stand to lose maybe 30 lbs, but he is NOT obese (at least, in my opinion). I read online that about 20 years ago they changed the standards of what the cutoffs were for overweight and obese, and now a whole bunch more people fall in that category. Because then they can market diet products to you if you're in the overweight/obese category! Just like they lowered the cutoff for the bad cholesterol, and from what I hear, the cholesterol-lowering medications are the 2nd biggest selling medication out there.
I think it's stupid, mostly because BMI only takes into account age, weight, and height. Nothing about your frame or muscle is taken into account (muscle weighs more than fat). Some professional athletes fall under the title of obese because of it.
YOU'RE NOT OBESE!!! You look like you are a healthy weight for your body type. And 30-35 lbs is great. I was a little overweight starting out the pregnancy with Kody but still gained the same 35 lbs that I did with Ethan. It must be what my body needs, and don't you worry if you do that too.

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