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July 23rd, 2013, 07:42 PM
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Hmmm...what about calling first? Do they have some sort of advice line? I would absolutely call and/or take her in if you are at all concerned - it's worth it for peace of mind. She is under 3 months - it doesn't matter if she is 2 weeks away. Things to look for - is she still making enough wet diapers? The concern would be dehydration if she's nursing less. A doctor would want to see her to assess for signs. How are her poops? Runny and watery or mucousy? What color? Continue to check her temp regularly to make sure she doesn't have a fever. If it's 100.4 F or higher (rectal temp) it's considered a fever and I would definitely make plans to take her in. They may also be able to offer some home remedies for congestion.

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