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July 24th, 2013, 11:23 AM
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I do 3 oz in a bottle, but I only use a bottle once a day in addition to breastfeeding. I did only pumped milk in bottles with Anna and, at this age, I did 3 oz every 3 or so hours, whenever she was screaming that she was hungry. I still went by her demand. But 3 oz was/is enough to satisfy her. Lena has reflux, too, and we haven't had problems with that amount. We also use the comotomo bottle. It has two air vents to prevent too much swallowing of air and they have been really awesome. And her latch in it is just like her nursing latch, so we have had no problems with the back and forth. Just thought I would share since we have had far less air, gas, and spit up issues since switching to this bottle. But even nursing, without the zantac, she spits up like crazy. It was worse with the bottle until we switched to this kind.
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