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July 24th, 2013, 12:03 PM
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Beau is such a weirdo. He is obsessed with letters and numbers. These are actually some of the very first words he learned. When you sit down and read a book with him, he will totally ignore the pictures and the story and just point at the page numbers in the corner and ask you to name the numbers for him! He knows all of the letters, upper case and lower case, and all of the numbers through the mid-twenties. He recites them and also recognizes most of them. He is constantly randomly counting things. Sometimes he will just sit there and point to, like, dust mites in the air or something, and count them to himself.

BUT, other than that, he is still not really talking much. He is in speech therapy and has been for months now. He has just started to use 'sentences,' but they're not really so much sentences as they are two-word phrases. (e.g. "Boy run.") His pronunciation is really garbled and unintelligible to anyone outside of our family. His gross motor skills are also pretty poor -- he doesn't jump, he's awkward in his running, and he falls down a lot. His fine motor skills, on the other hand, seem to be fine.

My older son was pretty much the opposite. He did know some letters and numbers by his second birthday, but he was pretty uninterested in them and actually has forgotten some now. His speech, on the other hand, was fantastic. He was talking in complete, clear, understandable full sentences since long before he was two. And his gross motor skills were also awesome (he walked at 9 months, and was always excellent at running, climbing, etc.) But his fine motor skills were, and still are, really poor. He refused to even feed himself until he was 3 1/2. He still won't put on his own clothes, or brush his own teeth. And he absolutely refuses to color. He's really, really resistant to it, and it's something we're worried about.

My point: all babies are completely different and proceed at their own pace. They tend to get really focused on something for some length of time and ignore everything else until they've mastered the thing that they're focused on. Then they move on to something else. So just go with the flow and let Kynslee focus on mastering her own interests. All kids eventually master all of the basic skills, they just each do it in a different order!

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