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July 24th, 2013, 12:10 PM
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Yes, unfortunately, this is a bad habit that we have. The TV is on most of the day when we are home. It's just such an easy thing for me to turn to -- an automatic fight-breaker when the kids are screaming at each other (which is often). Also, if Beau falls down and gets hurt and starts crying, if my normal distractions and kisses don't solve the problem for him, turning on the TV will usually do the trick.

Beau doesn't really get to choose what we watch -- he watches whatever his older brother wants to watch. Lately, that's Magic School Bus. We have the DVD's, and Charlie is obsessed with them. We watch the same episodes over and over again.

Beau will get up in the morning, then first thing after breakfast say "Bool Us!" and go sit on the couch like he expects me to turn it on for him! I think that's a very bad sign.

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