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July 24th, 2013, 12:34 PM
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She's here! My little rainbow, Serenity Grace, was born at home in the water, Saturday July 20 (39w 4d) at 10:25am after just 5 hours of active labor! She weighed 8 lbs, and was 20.5 inches long! We are all SO in love with her!

This was definitely my fastest labor! I did have 8 hours of prelabor contractions (they were too strong to sleep through and some I had to breath through) Thursday night/Friday morning... Then at 8am on Friday, everything stopped. I was exhausted and discouraged. I went to my regular prenatal appt that afternoon and I was 4-5cm, 50% effaced and engaged. I was really ready to get things going so I had my midwife strip my membranes, which surprisingly didn't hurt at all! (I guess I was just ready). My hubby and I went and walked Lowe's and Walmart, then went home and took a nap and had dinner with my MIL and SIL who had driven through the night to come for the birth. I was having a few random contractions and feeling crampy, but nothing consistent. MIL and SIL would only be able to stay a day or two before having to drive 6 hours back home, and I really didn't want them to have to make another trip! I was more than a little hormonal and felt very defeated. DH started talking about going into work the next morning and I just burst into tears. I was not feeling well, and I could not handle the idea of him leaving me and not knowing when to call him home if labor started up again (he works 45 min away as a medic. So if he's with a patient he can't just drop and run). He assured me he wouldn't leave if I was still contracting or feeling off. Anyway I went to bed early and got a good night sleep, only waking a few times and feeling some contractions when I woke, but I was able to go back to sleep. I woke up at 5:30am and went to the bathroom where I realized contractions were coming pretty close together and I started moaning and rocking through them (it just felt good). I told my hubby what was going on around 6 (I had at least 10 good contractions in the 30 minutes I'd been up), but said we were *not* telling anyone yet because I was tired of "crying wolf" to my midwives and doula/bff. Well I was obviously just in denial, because they picked up in intensity fairly quickly and we went from calling the midwives and telling them they could start heading our way at their leisure, to encouraging them to hurry! Everyone got there with plenty of time to set up everything. My midwife checked me when she got there around 8:30 and I was at 7cm and fully effaced, which I found slightly discouraging due to the way I was feeling. I got in the birth pool for a bit, and went back and forth laboring in the water and on the toilet. Being in bed (which I have loved in previous labors) was not at all comfortable! I was surprised with how shaky I felt and started feeling nauseous; classic signs of transition for me, but I thought it was too soon! I got back in the pool. The pain of the contractions was moving down into my lower back, hips and thighs and was overwhelming in intensity! Deep breathing was just not helping anymore. So I started baring down and groaning with each contraction, trying to visualize my baby moving down and out. I really didn't have a strong "urge" to push yet, but it felt so much better! Even though I had no real concept for what time it was (around 10am), I was sure it was too soon to be pushing! Well they continued to get stringer, and before I knew it I was pushing hard with each contraction! My water broke with a contraction at 10:14, I had 3 more contractions and then she started crowning. I pushed with 2 contractions to deliver her head, then her body was born with a 3rd. It was pretty intense! They announced her time of birth and I was quite surprised to hear it was only 10:25! I thought for sure it was at least noon, LOL! I was so relived to have her in my arms! The first thing I did was check to make sure she really was a girl! lol! Then I noticed her hair I've always wanted a little girl with hair (my boys were pretty bald). Which just proves to me that God knows and cares about even the little desires of my heart I felt so present and alive after this birth. Much more so than any other. It was amazing! She was beautiful!
Once again I had a short cord, so we got out of the pool to deliver the placenta. She latched on perfectly right away and we nursed in bed for a while. I had no tears, which surprised me since she came a lot faster than my boys!
Recovery has been smooth. So far no baby blues/ppd, and Serenity is just the most peaceful baby ever! She sleeps and nurses well, and so far has no colic or reflux (all things we dealt with after our last baby, and I was worried about facing again this time). We are sooo Thankful!!!

PS - My mom is staying with me for 2 weeks to help care for my home/family, then my MIL will be here for a week or two. So I will be taking a JM break to rest and soak up as much newborn baby goodness as possible!

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