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July 24th, 2013, 12:50 PM
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Just a little update ... since I've been terrible about posting on here lately. Evan goes in tomorrow for an ultrasound for pyloric stenosis. We were on Zantac for two weeks and just yesterday switched to Prevacid (which our insurance won't pay for, yay!) but his doctor wanted to go ahead with the scan even while we wait to see if the Prevacid will work. He was 13lbs 4ozs yesterday with his onesie and diaper on, so probably closer to 12 1/2lbs or so. He was 11lbs 11ozs on the 5th naked, and I really wish they'd stripped him yesterday to weigh him.

Other than that, he's getting the whole nursing thing down, and even hates taking a bottle the few times DH tries to give him one, and is starting to give his smiles a little more freely. He's highly amused by his older brothers, not so much by his mother shoving silly looking hats on his head for pictures

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