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July 24th, 2013, 02:50 PM
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Hey ladies . Just a quick update on me. CD18, still no sign of O. I took an OPK yesterday morning and it it was starting to get darker again but who knows. Sticky and creamy cm and no fertile cm to be seen and my cervix feels closed and firm most of the time. Temps are pre O temps and rather low still. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the idea that the month I take soy is the month I O the latest ever or maybe have my first annovulatory cycle. I got onto the hospital where my referral was sent in regards to seeing a gyno. At the moment my application is going though the public system which means wait list but no cost. I called to find out how long the wait time would probably be and they said that it is usually 3-9 months but with the category of patient I am it's more like 6-9 months at best. If nothing happens with me getting a bfp I will keep getting any testing that needs doing and take all my results to a private one. The initial appts range from $150-300 for a basic one with no testing so hopefully if I can get thiss 7 day progesterone one taken (if I ever O!) and try and convince DH to get a sperm check then I will see what they say. There shouldn't really be any other testing I need, I think at some point I have been tested for everything that I could imagine. Doctor reckons it is best to get DH and I checked before a private appt as much as possible because the tests through the private gyno cost a packet and can end up sending the appt cost closer to 4 figures. That's where I am everyone, sorry for my patchy appearances on the board this week!

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