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July 24th, 2013, 03:36 PM
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Hi there! I'm lurking from the TTC boards but thought I'd pop in and give my thoughts.

What you're describing definitely sounds like over-supply, ESP w/ the green poops & fussy babies. Your milk supply is still getting established so I think the green poops will go away when your babies are communicating to your body just how much *they* need. Pumping after feeding right now might actually signal your body to make MORE milk. When do you go back to work? You could try pumping for work a couple weeks before you go back.

Have you been to They have a ton of bf info, including on oversupply and nursing twins. Your local La Leche League group is also a good resource (if you have one).

Congratulations on your babies, and good for you for nursing them! Breast feeding is so good for babies, but it can be difficult enough with one, let alone two!

Good job, mama!

One more question: how old are your babies? There is a big growth spurt around the 6 week mark, and they will want to nurse a lot, and get pissed off if it's not there right when they want it!
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