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July 24th, 2013, 03:42 PM
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Thank you so much for your reply. What you said is exactly how I feel and so much of what is hurting right now is that I haven't told a soul. I'm very close to my mother and sister and my best friend and it's killing me that I have felt like I can't talk about this with them. I know they would say to keep it and things will work out! I just don't know how long until I crack and it all comes out anyways. It just hurts so bad that my husband feels the way he does. He just bought a very nice new truck and I understand that he is worried he will have to give it up after all the years he worked hard to get what he has. But then again, I feel too that it shouldn't matter and to me...there is no reason that he would HAVE to give it up. I'm very close to getting several things of debt paid off plus I feel that if we both work really hard we can save up quite a bit of money before the baby comes. We both have very good jobs. I also have disability and not 100% sure how that works again, but after I had my son I think I got like $1800 from that which helped to offset some of the days of my maternity that I wasn't paid for.

It's hard and I had no plans for this I know. To me, 10 years down the road I think I'd be happier saying I kept it than saying I didn't. Depending on how far along I am, I am guesstimating that I'm either due the end of Feb (which is close to my bday) or the end of March which is close to DH's bday. How interesting.
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