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July 24th, 2013, 06:47 PM
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The milk doesn't seem to be coming out quite as fast today as before but I noticed early on that I had a faster flow than I expected so I think that's normal for me. They are 7 weeks old today. I've checked out Kelly mom before. I have tried keeping them each on the same side for feedings for a couple of feedings and that seems to be working well. I was switching sides every feeding. I gave the oversupplied side to my weaker latcher and things seemed to slow down. The LC is the one who mentioned me pumping after each morning/early afternoon feeding to empty it more. I go back to work towards the end of August. I have 17oz frozen even if I only frozen 3oz a day I would only have enough to last for a few days. I'm expecting my supply to take a dip when I go back as I really only have one opportunity to pump each day.

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