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July 24th, 2013, 09:24 PM
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Completely normal. Tristan loves to be held constantly and does not like being left alone most of the time. He occasionally is OK with the swing or bouncer as long as I am close enough that he can see me. Babies like to be held at this age. They cry. Its hard. They were not meant to be easy.
Also your SO deserves a kick in the behind for being such an unsupportive jerk! Babies are tough but it does get easier. And he is a preemie so even though he is 7 weeks its technically like he is younger. And sometimes it does take preemies longer to hit milestones and start doing things. 2 of my little brothers were preemies and one was a micropreemie born at 27 weeks and while he is completely normal and had no developmental problems he did do a lot of things slower than other babies the same age. He said his first word at almost 2. He was 4 when he finally potty trained etc. So he did eventually catch up but he was just a bit slow at first. He was a completely tough kid though and we noticed as he got older that when he finally did fuss or cry about something he was in ALOT of pain(preemies tend to have a higher pain tolerance) so it could be that Jacksons reflux is not just a normal case of reflux it could be worse making him fussier and wanting to be comforted by you more.
Hang in there it will get easier.

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