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July 24th, 2013, 09:43 PM
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July 6th - got my period (2 days late but hey atleast it showed)
I dont really remember if it was normal or not, i just thought okay not pregnant.
July 15th - I started spotting( no bright red blood, no clots, just mainly when i wiped, sorry for TMI! and from my last pregnancy and m/c I knew I was pregnant right away.
I bought 2 First Response Early Response tests on July 16th, took one with supper time urine and it was positive within 2 seconds.
I did the second test the next morning, not as strong but still very positive and took a little longer to come up. My spotting stopped this day as well.
The following day July 18th I went out and bought a clearblue Digital with Conception Indicator, again supper time urine, and it read clearly "Pregnant 1-2"

I took another clear blue digital July 22nd, and it came back "Not Pregnant"
So today the 24th I went out and got two cheapies (both negative) and another clear blue which I intend to use with FMU tomorrow morning.

I feel pregnant, bloated, nausea, sore boobs and nipples, peeing every 30mins, headaches, and extreme fatigue. No pains or cramps or anymore spotting!

I do have an appointment with my Early Pregnancy Clinic on Friday because of my history, but I am just curious as to if anyone else has gone through this, and what were your results?
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