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July 25th, 2013, 12:28 AM
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I have noticed my cycles out of whack since I had return of AF two year after the birth of my DD. my cycles are 31 days with my LP was in the single digit 7-8... And I O a week later than I use too...

I started adding progesterone cream after O and so far my LP is to 10 days... I also have been taking a couple other supplements because I know I was deficient in Vitamin D per my blood work.

Have you considered usin green tea and increasing fluid intake prior to Oing to help with CM? Also VitC is said to help with CM. I'm just wondering if the soy or EPO wasn't the combo for, maybe look at trying to lengthen your LP???

This cycle I am doing RRL tea infusions prior to O to see if that helps with Oing sooner or helping to balance my hormones. There's so many things that 'can' help but it's finding the right combo that works for you...
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