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July 25th, 2013, 04:40 AM
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Hi everyone.

I just found out I was pregnant on Sunday, totally unplanned. My boyfriend is being supportive of my decision, but still keeps repeating that we are not ready. I understand the shock of everything right now. I would like to think we do have a strong relationship, but some of his actions and words give me doubt. He says he loves me and being pregnant will not make him love me any less, but being pregnant is not going to pressure or force him to marry me. He is being very distant. He hardly kisses me or holds me anymore and I am concerned that he will lose interest in me. I am hoping that all these actions are still shock related and will disappear in time, but what if they don't? I have never been pregnant before and I have a ton of emotions and I am very scared. I hope someone could offer me some advice.
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