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July 25th, 2013, 08:25 AM
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How do you do bedtime at your house? Time? Routine? etc?

My kids are driving my husband crazy. Granted, he has a much shorter patience that I do, but he gets extremely frustrated at bedtime. The kids are told to get ready for bed, they head to their room to look for a toy. Last night I finally had to just take Ryan by the arm and physically deposit him in the bathroom and hand him his toothbrush.

We finally get everyone in bed, go lay down and David starts screaming for me. Dh says "I do not want any more kids, we can't even get these ones to go to bed at night."

Part of the problem is I know we need to get in bed at 9 (all of us, not just the kids), but dh always wants to watch tv until 9 and then expect the kids to jump up, brush their teeth, and get in bed. It doesn't work like that! I can't even get ready that fast, I have to take off my jewelry if I wore any, brush my teeth, wash my face, take out my contacts, potty, take vitamins, change the baby. Plus, I have to make sure the kids brush their teeth, dh will "forget" so that we can get to bed sooner. :/

I think our biggest problem is that we will get the kids in bed, leave the room to get ourselves ready, turn around and the kids are out of bed again. I expect it out of David, but not the older three!

Any tips?
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