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July 25th, 2013, 08:42 AM
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I would start at seven with baths, Jammie's, teeth. Then watch tv, then in bed for a story at 8:30. Story, prayers, lights out at 9. If anyone gets up, spank.

The tv right up to bedtime is not good. It is bad on the eyes and the brain.

We do it pretty much like that. Dh gives baths to 7&9, then 6&8. Then we tell 4 and 5 to take showers either together or separately. While he bathes the littles, I get jammies ready and dress them as they come out. Then they run around steaming until 4,5 are out and dressed, then they all get in their beds. Dh reads to them, I go pray for them. We start the process after dinner/dessert. The time on the clock doesn't matter to me.
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