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July 25th, 2013, 09:27 AM
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We start earlier, too.

If we're not having a family dinner (lately we haven't because I haven't been feeling good) I let them watch a show on netflix on the computer in the kitchen while they eat their dinner around 6:30.
At 7 they all go take a shower. Between 7:20 and 7:30 they're out and we help them into pjs.
Then DH takes them down to their floor to brush teeth. "baby" (I've got to stop calling her that, she's nearly 2!) gets 3 stories, prayer and put to bed with her sound machine on and door closed.
The "big kids" (3.5 and 5) like to sleep in the same bed. Depending on what is going on the next morning, they either get movies or stories in bed. Stories result in them getting to sleep faster, so in the school year they get 3 stories, prayers, just like the baby, and then go to sleep. Although one of us does have to sit there for 10-20 minutes rubbing Evelyn's back after stories or she won't go to sleep. Which is annoying, but also done by 8. On movie night, they'll stay in bed, because they know how to change the movie themselves, they usually fall asleep during the first one, and they know if they come down more than once we're taking away the movies and locking them in. We make their movie night our date night since we don't have to sit and wait for them to fall asleep.
Most nights, everyone is asleep by 8 so DH and I get some time alone together to watch adult shows on TV or talk or eat the good chocolate before we need to turn in. On the nights that something goes awry and they go to bed late, I definitely feel cheated of my time alone, so I can understand your hubby's frustration. I will say just turning the knobs around on the doors so the kids knew we COULD lock them in if they didn't stay in bed helped a ton. Most nights, DH does teeth through putting them to bed on his own lately, since I'm going to be nursing a newborn soon, and he's gotten pretty darn good at it, which makes me grateful. I hope you guys can find some easy tweaks to your routine to make it better for all of you.
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