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July 25th, 2013, 10:05 AM
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Happy 2nd birthday to your little guy!!!!! That must seem bittersweet.

So my best friend is 37 weeks today. She's been contracting on and off for probably close to 2 weeks now, and had a regular appointment yesterday. Her OB (who was my OB) was called away on a family emergency 3 weeks ago and is still not back, so she's seeing her partner. The OB said she was 2 cm and her membranes were bulging the OB did a stretch and sweep...before asking if my friend wanted one. She was cramping like crazy last night, and lost her plug this morning. She is pissed. She was hoping to not go until her OB came back, and then this lovely other OB did a stretch and sweep without even asking her and it seems to have thrown her into labour.

We walked to the library and back for babytime this morning...45 minutes each way...I'm tired!!!
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