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July 25th, 2013, 10:40 AM
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Hello! I wanted to kind of introduce myself. I posted fairly often on this board years ago (2008) because I was pregnant and planning a home birth. I did have a wonderful home birth, and things were great. I'm back because I will be TTC soon, and of course will be planning another home birth. This time it feels all new to me again, because I'm in another state (NY) now. I was in a state where it was "a-legal" and so it was pretty much, "don't ask, don't tell." Anyways, from what I know, NY is the opposite. Infact, I already called and my insurance even covers it! WOW!

So, being the "planner" that I am, I wanted to start posting, and reading here again. I want to start planning my next home birth with the little changes from my first one. (Not having as many people there, actually birthing in the tub this time and not falling under pressure to birth laying down, etc)

Also, this time I have a different partner. My first pregnancy was with a man who was on board with the home birth (he did have to be talked into it a little bit). This time my partner said he's totally ok with what I choose, but I feel like he doesn't have a clue!! (it's his first) So, we'll see...

Anyways, hello!

11/23/2015 - at 8.5 weeks
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