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July 25th, 2013, 12:53 PM
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This is my 3rd team green pregancy.

with my 1st i was convinces, as was everyone else it was going to be a boy -- and it was!

with my second, i so wanted another boy and i carried the same so i convinced myself it was going to be a boy again. everyone else was split 50/50. It ended up being a girl.

This time, i'm carrying the same but I have been much sicker and achier than the others. My gut doesn't tell me anything The heartrate is in the 140's so that doesn't help. My MIL thinks my ultrasound pictures look like a boy, even though it has the same profile as my daughter. My complication, excess fluid in fetuses kidney, is more prevalent in boys, but also occurs in girls....
No one is attempting to guess either.....they don't "get a read"

have no clue what to think this time!

anyone else have or don't have a gut feeling?
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