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July 25th, 2013, 01:03 PM
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Do you feed your baby at specific times each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner?) yes, well for the most part lol

Where does baby eat? (high chair, seat, at table, in lap, etc) high chair if were home or at a resturant. my mom and MIL have high chairs at there houses to so if were somewhere else then we either hold him or feed him in his stroller

How much solid food does baby usually eat during one meal time? 4-6 ounces of purees plus finger foods like 1/3 - 1/2 a banana or half an avacado etc

Does baby eat the same meals you fix for the family? no I still make his baby food but were starting to give him bites of our food. I just dont want to puree our food I think thats gross lol but I'm going to start cutting things up for him and see how he does with that

What are some of your baby's favorite foods? peaches, bananas, sweet potato, green beans and peas. he also LOVES avacado which he eats just as finger food now, I dont puree it anymore

Do you offer drinks with each feeding? I have his sippy with water near by and give him little sips during meals (he sometimes just throws up in middle of eating usually with a burp so the water helps push it down). he also has sips of drinks to once in awhile

Do you let baby feed themselves? finger foods yes but purees no, he will make a complete mess and not eat any of it lol

Are there some foods you feed baby without letting them feed themselves? yup purees

Any tips/tricks to make cleanup easier? I keep a wet dish cloth right next to us for clean up lol

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