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July 25th, 2013, 01:32 PM
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So last night df goes out and finds 2 of our cats each playing with what he thought was a bird, but it was baby squirrels, they each had one that they were playing with. Df has a very BIG heart when it comes to animals, he retrieved the baby squirrels from both cats and wrapped them up in a blanket thinking they were going to die. He comes in the house and he has tears in his eyes as he is telling me what took place so I go outside and see these 2 tiny tiny squirrels cuddled up to each other that were still breathing, so I go get a shoe box and a warm towel and bring them in the house,and about after 5 mins or so they seemed to be a little more active and were crying and looking for their mama, so I start brainstorming thinking what do I have small enough to give them some milk in.....hmmm my $store hpt have a very small dropper so since I did not need to use all my test this month I opened it and took the dropper out so I could give them some milk. It was the sweetest thing I ever seen it just melted my heart.

I got up 3 times during the night to feed them and now we have them in a hamster cage in our living room and we will hand feed them until they are big and strong enough to survive on their own in the wild, which will probably be in about 8 weeks or so.

So since I can't have a real baby right now this is the next best thing. I am just loving every minute of it and it is helping my baby fever too for now.

This is a video of one of them drinking from the dropper he decides at the end he has had enough that was the first time, now they wrapped their little paws around it and gobble every last bit of milk

This will be their new home until they are big and strong to survive on their own, they seem to like it.

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