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July 25th, 2013, 01:54 PM
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Kailyn (3) laid down at 7, most of the time she passes out. She's up by 6 and not allowed to nap, so she'ready 90% of the time. If she puts up a fight I just keep laying her down until she does fall asleep.

Aiden (6) get's melatonin at 7:30, he's to much like me and can't shut his brain down, he is also unmedicatated ADHD and is out like a light by 8:30. If it wasn't for the melatonin he doesn't fall asleep till midnight and is up at 6. It made for very long days with him.

Cole (12) and Vanna (9) get ready at 8:30, and head down shortly their after. They are not required to go to sleep, just stay in their rooms and be quite. They have TV and the x-box. Once school starts it will be lights out by 10. Sometimes they take melatonin if they are having a hard time falling asleep. I leave that up to them.
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