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July 25th, 2013, 07:34 PM
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On jan 29 I had unprotected sex a one night stand .. I remember that on feb 9 th I had a period I don't remember if it was the beginning the middle or the end I just know I had a period that day and I don't remember if it was normal.. Then in feb 23 24 and 28 I had unprotected with my current partner .... In march 11 th I found out I was pregnant ... My question is , can there be a chance that the baby is from the jan 29 guy ... ??? my due dates so far have been between nov 14 to the 16 ? Can they tell between if I concived on jan 29 and feb 23,24 can they tell the difference on the fetus growth???please help I'm going nuts here : because if you minus the 2 weeks right now i would be JAN GUY BE 26 WEEKS AND 6 DAYS MINUS 2 WEEKS I WOULD BE 24 AND 6 DAYS ......FEB GUY 23 WEEKS AND 5DAYS MINUS 2 WEEKS 21 WEEKS AND 5 DAYS .....but when i take out the two weeks off january guy its close to my weeks with the feb guy with out taking the two weeeks ( im very confused n stressed! Also when I found out I was Preg on march 11 on the 14 I went to the emergency room and just said I had really bad abdominal pain I did not tell them I was Preg and they did not ask me .. So they threw blood did and ultrasound they tested my urine and web they came back with results they said I had an ovarian cyst . They never said anything about being pregnant.. And in the clinic they tested me positive then on march 22 I was 6weeks 1 day by Lmp and byUS I was 5w2days and on April 8 I was 8 w 4days by LMP and by US 7w5days
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