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July 25th, 2013, 08:27 PM
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Thank you all I appreciate the support so much. My So does help a ton. With cooking housework and with the baby. He does sometimes feed him while I pump. He's not all bad he is a huge help. it's just when Jackson cries and cries and can't be consoled is when he gets frustrated easily and very grumpy towards us. i try to talk to him but nothing changes.

I am glad that this is normal but us being first time parents always think something is wrong because our little guy is never content and is always crying. Not sure if it is the reflux colic or just nothing. We get by and do what we can, some days are very trying. Sometimes he even crys a lot when I am holding him.

I have a carrier but it's to big for him. One of you dear ladies offered to send me a moby wrap they were not using, I can't wait to try it! Thanks again Katrisha!!

You ladies are so so wonderful!! I don't get on here a lot but try to read up on the posts on my phone. And even thou I can't participate as much you guys are always here to help!!

On another note my supply is getting less and Jackson is eating more than I can pump. I have sadly started unthawing my freezer stash. We add preemie formula to his BM sometimes and I occasionally have to supplement. I have 5 more weeks until I return to work and I sadly think I will be done pumping by then. It's time consuming and I work full time. Until then I am going to do what I can and be happy I was able to give him BM this long, for someone that never thought they would breastfeed/pump.

I really appreciate you all. Sometimes I think you guys are the only ones to keep me sane LOL
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