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July 25th, 2013, 09:24 PM
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I just got home this afternoon. Well.... I went into labor before my scheduled csection and ended up getting a ride in the ambulance....yup another...." aarrg my water broke" story to tell ..willupdate you all a bit later

Baby is healthy and is 6 lbs 10oz 20 1/2 inches and lots and lots of long black hair!! super long eyelashes just like a couple of my other littles.

**** SO I had my csection scheduled for Monday the 22nd.

The night before (sunday) Dh and I made really good use of the time before calling it a night . I wake up like 2 hours later ( 2.45am ) to a 'pop'. I have never had my water break on its own before so this was so weird to finally understand that when people used to say they hear that pop like a balloon, its soo true!! lool.. so as I lay there the water just starts gushing out.

I freaked a little because I knew my baby was transverse and this could become life threatening for baby. My 5th pregnancy my son was transverse when my water broke in the hospital with him and the doc had to hold the ambilical cord in me cus it was coming out with the water. they say you have about 5 mins to get the baby out with compression.

So i was afraid to stand up and kept having DH check to see if you could see anything. Called 911 and the operator said the ambulance was coming, I am trying to tell DH to get my clothes cus I was naked and it was so funny that he was scrambling around so nervous and looking our bathroom drawers for my clothes and walking in circles loool... he finally with my direction gave me some clothes to put and I started to have contractions. Got to bounce around in the ambulance in what seemed like forever to get to the hospital.

I am soaked in water and it seemed like the water never stopped I had so much fluid!!!! but no cord and no muconium. so that was good. Because they had to get the surgery going they said theres no time to wait for DH or anything so I had to go in by myself and have the baby.

I was put to sleep and had baby within an hour of arriving! So technically I made it BEFORE my EDD but I reallly had thought I would go earlier than that. loool. stayed 5days 4nights in hospital and Daliyah is healthy and so beautiful!!

I got alot of the ' you and kates baby share the same birthday'

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