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July 25th, 2013, 11:00 PM
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Hey ladies!

I am new to the board and as of today felt I should move over here. As of this afternoon, my hubs and I are officially signed up for an IUI in August! Well, not signed up since I can't predict my actual O date, but my doc is penciling me in for the office to be ready for my IUI! I am a little nervous about the IUI. Not the actual procedure, but just if it will work. I know there is no way of knowing, but my hubs and I have been ttc for 2 years and we are just hoping this will work for us! I am not on any meds (so far), so I am a but unsure if I belong on this board, but I'm giving it a try. I just am looking for a little support (and hopefully give some as well!) as I don't have many people to tell about our troubles that will understand and it is somewhat lonely for me.

A little background on us: We are both 30 y.o. and in August, it will be 2 years of ttc for us. I had a laproscopy and a d&c last month that wound up finding I had a lot of endomitriosis (which I had never been diagnosed with before) and wound up losing one ovary and one tube to in the end. My hubs has a lowered sperm count with some low motility, but otherwise docs have said he is okay. He was also recently diagnosed with diabetes, but so far no one suspects it being behind our issues, so that is a plus. Our do. Did suggest that an IUI may be our best option, but was not a necessity, but we are going for it. We have been ttc for so long (in our eyes) that we want to do whatever we can do to get us to the end point - a family.

So, that is us in a nutshell as we start our IUI journey!

Baby dust to all on these boards!

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