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July 26th, 2013, 02:42 AM
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First of all, I have suffered from many years of anger issues (think it was caused by my father and step father abusing me as a child) and so my temper has never really been too easy to deal with, let alone with these **** hormones. However I thought I was doing pretty good, just getting annoyed and giving my partner the silent treatment instead of punching things (I have broken my knuckle 3 times in the past by punching walls >.<) during this... Interesting time of my life.


Tonight me and my partner were watching American Ninja Warriors and ended up having an argument about the course and whether they were tested first to make sure people could actually do them or not (I was right, not him) and he just kept pushing my buttons and flatly refusing to give in or accept that he was wrong. Now, throwing things just is NOT something I do but not only did I slam my phone on the couch while asking him to stop winding me up (obviously he didn't) I sort of had a dumb moment and grabbed my cup of coca~cola and threw it all over the ground in anger... I spent 7 hours cleaning the house today getting it PERFECT just to ruin it by spazzing out! He pretty much wet himself with laughter over it and I haven't been so upset about something in a long time... He knows what my temper is like and winds me up like this every now and again but it is me who is always left feeling useless for losing control again.

I hate this, please be September already I just want to cuddle my baby and calm down... My partner simply went to his room to play games and said I was being a cry-baby :'(

Anyone else have any interesting stories about how they reacted over the top to something during pregnancy? Please say I'm not the only one!
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