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July 26th, 2013, 04:07 AM
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Originally Posted by momof6lopez View Post
I must be getting old, lol, cause I see myself doing that to my own kids! I think its just some peoples personality and excitement that get in the way. Its wonderful she loves her grandbaby so very much, that part warms my heart. I guess at this point, just let her know how much you LOVE the fact that she adores her grandchild, and you WANT her to hold the baby as much as she want's to......but it just feels weird to have someone just GRAB the baby out of your arms like that. Let her know you would like to have some sort of warning, you dont get freaked out next time! My feelings would not be hurt at all if my DIL said that to me, in fact, I'd totally respect her awesome mother instinct! Sounds like DH probably did not word it the right way, like most men would not, and she has only heard "my wife does not like you holding the baby". I would bet my last dollar on this!
I agree with this so much! How many times have we all told our DH's a simple message that gets confused or mixed up because he changes around the words!

MIL needs to know that it is not that she is holding the baby. It's that she's yanking with no warning!

I think you may have to call her and just tell her you think DH was confused ... And that of course you love her relationship with your LO, you're just not used to people taking the baby without a heads up.

Good luck! In law issues suck.... I've had my share, LOL.
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