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July 26th, 2013, 06:47 AM
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Hey Ladies,

I know it has been forever since I have been on here and updated ya'll. I can finally update you because things have settled down enough now.

My dad is doing great. His surgery went very well. The surgeon was very pleased with how it went and was able to remove more of the tumor than he originally thought he was going to be able to remove. He is actually on his way to the Dr with my mom to get his stitches removed today. He will have a follow up MRI in another month or two, that MRI will determine if he will need radiation or not. But so far so good, everything is looking great for him. So glad he is finally on the mend.

I did tell my parents before the surgery about our peanut and they are overjoyed. But I was very upset and annoyed because my mom's response was I told you that it would happen in God's timing. That I just needed to be more patient and relax. She also said she what happens when you don't plan everything. Thanks mom!!!

Our little peanut is amazing!!! So we saw our peanut on 7/11 for the first ultrasound. We didn't get to hear the heart beat but saw it flickering on the screen and the HR was 140 at that time. So we just saw our peanut yesterday (7/25) for the second ultrasound. We did get to hear the heart beat and it was so amazing!!! HR at that time is 173. Also relieved to see that our peanut has two arms and two legs. We also got to briefly see our baby in 3D on the ultrasound, that was pretty cool. After seeing our peanut twice now and talking to the RE, I am officially released back to my OB. I know this sounds ridiculous but I am still in shock/denial that I am truly preggo. I think maybe the reason I feel this way is because we tried so hard for so long and thought it would never happen. The other reason I think is because I am really not having tons of symptoms and thankfully no m/s or nausea. Nonetheless, feeling very blessed and happy to be preggo.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and update you!!! Love ya ladies!!! Hoping, praying, and wishing that ya'll get your bfps soon!!!

Pics of our peanut:

Our peanut at 7wks 1 day (peanut was measuring a day behind)

Our peanut at 9wks 2 days (peanut has caught up and back on track)

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