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July 26th, 2013, 09:14 AM
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...look most like? Kody looks so much like his big brother it's crazy! I'm not sure at this point whether he looks more like me or DH.

...seem to have inherited their personality from (so far)? He seems pretty calm. Both DH and I are laid back, so he seems to fit that. Ethan's pretty laid back too, which I so appreciate! My sis is very um...flamboyant shall we say? Passionate? And it shows in her family! She has 3 kids and it's kind of mayhem over there when we go lol! So I'm grateful for the calm here!

...prefer to put them to sleep? Me...of course. Cause DH doesn't try, hah. He had bad luck trying to get Ethan to calm down for him or go to sleep so he doesn't think Kody will take to him either for those things.

...prefer to smile at? He will smile at me and DH a lot, and Ethan sometimes too!

...get their sleep habits from? Hmm hard to tell at this point. So far I'd say he's most like his big brother...waking up a lot at night, but at this point he is a heck of a lot better than Ethan was. Ethan was waking 8-10 times a night, whereas Kody is more like 5 or 6. Sometimes as little as 4. So I count myself lucky!

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