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July 26th, 2013, 09:39 AM
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...look most like? Me. She looks a ton like I did as a baby. Except her eyes, which are Liam's (sort of a hybrid between DH and Dhs brother)

...seem to have inherited their personality from (so far)? Some of me, she is smiley and very social. And some of DH because she is pretty calm and laid-back.

...prefer to put them to sleep? Me, cause I am the food source. But she always falls asleep for my mom too. I guess she likes her

...prefer to smile at? OMG...Liam. That kid walks near her and she is all about the grins. Cracks me up.

...get their sleep habits from ? More me. She is great sleeper at night. So unlike either boy or their father. Lol.
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