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July 26th, 2013, 09:59 AM
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I like Kara/Cara. However, I think the spelling dictates how people may pronounce it. If you are going for car-uh, then it may be better spelled Cara, but if you are going for Kair-uh, then Kara may be the better means.

My DH and I really struggle with names. We're so different in styles. Last pregnancy was so stressful, I almost puked any time I thought of having to name names because we almost actually argued over it. I won in the long run and now, he can't even remember what names were on his list and tells me my name choice (her name) was the best by far

Anyway. Just keep a running list and maybe only address it every week or two. The fact that you both like a name but can't agree on a spelling is WONDERFUL! MN's will come. I find those easier to agree on.

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