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July 26th, 2013, 11:39 AM
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1. First car: Corsica
2.First paying job: waitress
3. First concert:Motley Crue

4. First record (or CD, or tape): I bought a K-tel record with allowance money. It had "everybody's working for the weekend", "I love rock n roll" and "hold on tight to your dreams" lol!
5. First kiss (age): 12

Originally Posted by wefrogy View Post
1. First car: Mustang II (not the cool one, the one that looks like a souped up pinto)
2.First paying job: either baby sitting or a newpaper route
3. First concert: Olivia Newton John
4. First record (or CD, or tape): probably Olivia Newton John
5. First kiss (age): 12
I love ONJ!!! I used to go out in the back yard and sing "Hopelessly Devoted" all the time and pretend I was Sandy. LOL! And that was when we were naive enough to think "Let's get Physical" actually WAS about aerobics!

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