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July 26th, 2013, 03:59 PM
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Doc said last time not to give the baby tylenol unless they have a fever or are really, really uncomfortable. Like others have said, all babies react differently. Normally with some extra cuddles and nursing/feeding they calm down pretty quick afterwards (I only know this because I worked with a doctor that saw peds and I've given lots of babies vaccinations.) I remember one family in particular that would ask to use the room for about 15 minutes after the vaccine so she could nurse the baby and when they came out, he was fast asleep. Just keep tylenol on hand and be prepared for some crankiness. Also, you can choose to space out the vaccines. The most I've had to give in one appointment is 4 plus an oral vaccine. It's pretty rough having to give them to a baby and be the bad guy, too. Just be sure that if the nurse asks you to hold your baby's arms or legs, that you hold them tightly. We had one mom that let go of her baby's legs and the baby's leg got all scratched by the needle because he kicked furiously. Luckily, I was not the one that was giving the baby that shot and was called in after the incident to hold the baby down. It's a sucky situation all around, but babies get over it pretty quickly.

ETA: Also, if you don't want to hold your baby's arms or legs, just ask them to get another nurse or get the doctor to help. They should have no problem with that.

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