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July 26th, 2013, 07:30 PM
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That's awesome! That's a perfect trip!!!! So glad you get to go away after all the stress and nonsense you had to deal with!

We have some LP stuff...would LOVE to get more! I've also added Mega Bloks to the list, and one of those soft TV type chairs for little kids. I'm trying to think of things that he will use in the future, not just for a month.

Well, tonight was an hour and 20 minute battle to get him down...ending with me stretching out on his floor for 5 minutes until he decided to curl up beside me so I transferred him to his crib. But he hasn't made a peep since. This is exhausting. I didn't end up napping, and we have to get up early tomorrow to pick up some stuff my dad bought at an auction but he's away for the weekend. Not super early, but we have to be in Flamborough for 8:00 so we can be back in time for Cam's nap so I can do my run!

Thoroughly enjoying my rum and coke right now though. Might put me to sleep!

And as I'm typing this post...our neighbour texted DH...apparently the other neighbour called bylaw on him again...DH went to get details. Earlier, he was cutting the lawn, and she apparently was walking beside him, pointing to the property line the whole time, not saying anything, just pointing. He was no where near it. And apparently after that she sat on her porch, facing her front window (ie her back to the street), with her knees curled up to her chest and rocked (in a non-rocking chair) giggling. I didn't see this, but I'm just a tad bothered...we've never seen her act that way. Her husband had a high profile job and was fired...not sure if stress is bringing on the unusual behaviour? She's in her 60s btw.
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