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July 26th, 2013, 10:15 PM
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but danmit, it is so hard!

So my older brother and SIL have a 4 year old son already (whom I love like crazy) - and I won't get into details, as they are good parents...but they do have their hands full with my nephew as he is autistic...

Of course my parents know all we are going through, with trying to get pregnant - and I will say my brother is a great dad and works 2 jobs to support his family - but this new baby is an "accident" as they weren't planning for him/her and I honestly don't know if they can afford a second child...but that's neither here nor there (again, I won't put out my brother and SIL's details...).

I WANT to be happy for them - and I WANT to be excited that I'll be getting a new niece or nephew...although it doesn't really matter as I've only even met my nephew a handful of times (because they live in Florida and we are in Indiana) - but I can't tell ya'll how flipping hard it is!!!!! WHERE IS MINE?! WHY CAN'T I HAVE JUST ONE?! really - just one - ONE is all we want!

Why do they get an "oops" and WE STILL HAVE NOTHING?!!!!!!!

sorry, I just really needed to have a pity party...
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